2005 Scotch tape

Series of digital photographs, 2005

The work “Scotch tape” is exploring the familiar. This time it is not for the sake of the answer, but the question: what is it that we see and what is it that we think we see?

The concept of the work is the concept of truth; the most futile of all man deceives. Photographs
of scotch-tape do not represent the entrance into the “reality”, but an exit from own attitudes and opinions.
Hermetic and self-sufficient, these photographs can represent all what is opposing communication.
Those are images of situations emptied from meaning, sensitive situations of visual interweaving and reflections, mirroring situations; they bring the viewer into a vacuumed world without gravitation: a world of inner space.
Representing a gaze towards out, through the window, they seem to bring the gaze inwards. Scaling between the inner and outer, they question the position of the viewer: what is inside and what is outside? Choosing, i.e. self-defining the position from which we observe the world sets the way the world perceives us. Or is it the other way around?
Photographing paper scotch-tape on glass is not related to the tape as material which has its utilitarian usage, but it is creased and rejected and thus recognized as highly aesthetical moment.

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