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Forum: the Audience on Visual Art Works


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The production of contemporary art in Belgrade is diverse and very rich. Who is its audience: who sees it and in which way?

The project ARTIST AS AUDIENCE is a forum in which the audience brings forward and mutually examine opinions and attitudes about chosen works of the young and mid-career artists, who’s art production was in the centre of the focus of the professionals in the field throughout the zero years of this century (2000-2010), however it remained without an articulated response in the among the wider audience. Why is it so? Do works of contemporary visual art and related fields give “food for thoughts” and to whom? Which subjects do these works engage with and in which way? Can an artwork change something in the everyday life?

The conversations ARTIST AS AUDIENCE pass in an exchange of opinions among the discussion participants, while the artist him/herself remains passive in the conversation. The point of these conversations is not for the artist to explain his/her work, but to create an active communication between the artwork and the audience: from first impressions and possible implications the work gives, to gaining insight and looking into the everyday context of artistic practices on Belgrade scene, here and now. The forum is a beginning of the research within the frames artist-art-institution-public domain in the time period 2000-2010 and its consequences in Serbia, specifically in Belgrade. They serve as case study of the fragile state of art and its reception and give a possibility to fixate some of the key issues in the contemporary visual art in Serbia.

The forum ARTIS AS AUDIENCE invites you to speak up and hear what others think: if you are the wide audience, but also a professional, especially a student of any of the art faculties, student of philosophy, sociology, art history, a young expert in these fields, artist, theoretician, critic, art historian, a member of any age group or any profession.

The conversations are not giving an advantage to a professional way of expressing opinions and attitudes.



Forum: the Audience on Visual Art Works

Texts and documentation about each discussion download from here:: http://razgovori.wordpress.com/english/


So far, the discussions have been about works by:

IRENA LAGATOR PEJOVIĆ (ME), visual artist, Artist as Audience guest appearance at the Salon of MOCA Belgrade

BRANKA KUZMANOVIĆ, visual artist, Artist as Audience guest appearance at the Salon of MOCA Belgrade

MILENA PUTNIK, visual artist

BIOSKOPI: POVRATAK OTPISANIH, social and art actions

DANILO PRNJAT, visual artist

NINA HOECHTL (AU/MX/UK), visual artist

GORAN ĐORĐEVIĆ, former artist, Artist as Audience guest appearance at the Salon of MOCA Belgrade

VAHIDA RAMUJKIĆ, visual artist

DUŠICA DRAŽIĆ, visual artist

THE FIFTH PARK – BATTLE FOR EVERYDAY (A group of authors – Branko Belaćević, Dubravka Sekulić, Jelena Stefanović, Marko Miletić, Srđan Prodanović), architects, art historian, sociologists

NATAŠA TEOFILOVIĆ, PhD visual artist/multimedia, architect, designer


Milorad Mladenović for the second time, visual artist and architect, Artist as Audience guest appearance at the Salon of MOCA Belgrade

Lana Vasiljević, visual artist

Dragana Žarevac, video artist

Zoran Pantelić, artist, producer, media activist

BIK VAN DER POL, visual artists / The Netherlands

Milorad Mladenović, visual artist and architect

Marko Crnobrnja, sculptor

Saša Rakezić alias Aleksandar Zograf, commix author

Nikoleta Marković, visual artist

Zoran Todorović, visual artist

Igor Milovanović, designer

Boris Šribar, sculptor/visual artist

Miloš Tomić, filmmaker


Concept and realization, conversation moderator – MFA Boba Mirjana Stojadinović, https://bobaart.wordpress.com

Producer – Artist association DEZ ORG, Belgrade, http://dezorgbgd.wordpress.com

Project partner – Cultural Centre REX, www.rex.b92.net

Supported by the Fund for an Open Society – Serbia, www.fosserbia.org

Producer of ARTIST AS AUDIENCE 1 (April-July 2010) – Organization Anonymous said:,www.anonymoussaid.org





Photographs from the discussions

Photographs by Boba Mirjana Stojadinović and Ivan Petrović

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