2008 A Hole in the Whole, installation

The installation A HOLE IN THE WHOLE consists of video SIRENS, video A HOLE IN THE WHOLE, slide show SUN_CE and a wooden object mimicking the letter H as in the logo HEMA.




Intallation view TENT, Rotterdam 2008



Installation, mixed media


I was born in a country whose integrity was disembodied in a very spectacular way.


This is something that became so much part of the everyday life when I was growing up that the sense of the provisionality of space became something I projected, and also recognized, in the other environments. When I temporarily moved from Belgrade to Rotterdam my perception oscillated between the two places, new things held a strange familiarity. This led me to ask to what degree can an experience of a place be shared? I was introduced to a spectrum of uncertainties and questions, the principle question being: who exactly is ‘the other’ in this setting?


And yet, I cannot ascribe it all only to a momentary disorientation, numerous questions gained different nuances in the new environment: How to get on with ‘normal’ life without disregarding the destructive part of me, of you? When and by whom are the parameters of normal life constituted? How far am I ready to go in order to secure ‘good life’ for my family and myself? What is the range of my interests?


. This work was created in 2008 in Rotterdam as a need to set the facts in an order that make sense, while considering the ambivalences. .

This photo: Peter Cox_dsc6829

Installation view Centrum Beeldende Kunst Dordrecht, NL, 2008



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