Sirens, video

The video “Sirens” (2007-2008.)  shows quiet daily sights with a corresponding sound of the piercing sirens in case of general danger – the sound of these sirens unmistakably evoke the memories of the air raid sirens I witnessed during the bombing of Yugoslavia [27] in 1999. In the video none of the passer-buys seems to notice the disturbing sound. The sirens are a recording of monthly try-outs that take place in  Rotterdam every first Monday in the month at noon sharp. It is worth mentioning that Rotterdam is one of the world’s biggest harbours and that part of the harbour is a vast chemical industry industrial zone, and also that Rotterdam’s entire centre was carpet bombed in the beginning of WWII and thus erased.

A video recording of the piercing sound of outdoor sirens in case of danger.
One could also call it a rehearsal for a disaster.

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