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The “Flag” piece was started during a two-year stay in Rotterdam in 2008 and it was finished during a three-month stay in Vienna in 2001. It consists of a photograph, a short text that explains the work and the object – a flag size 1,60 x 3m.
The work revolves around a piece of orange cloth that was obtained in a flag factory Shipmate in Vlaardingen, Holland. The material is the original cloth that Dutch national flags are made of. The color orange comes from the name of the Dutch royal family Oranje, which literally translates as orange.
The photographs shows me wearing a jacket I tailored and sew from precisely that piece of orange cloth. Upon making the documentation I unsew the jacket and stitched back the pieces into the original sqare. The stitches are visible on the cloth.
This work came from an interest in the notion of the national. Firstly this interest was awaken from an intimate necessity to understand the social turmoil in Serbia and ex-Yugoslavia that had happened during the 1990s while I was growing up, and further on as an exploration what national/nationalistic means elsewhere, especially in Europe and The Netherlands.
The flag represents the possibility of inscibing the individual into the idea of common, or as Benedict Anderson puts it – into the idea of “the imagined community”. I make an effort not to abuse the ideology of nationalism in art, but to research it through the personal experience of other people’s actions, of the resonances of the society onto each person’s level zero of thoughts and actions. This stems from the point when social tendencies are hard to resist, however, artistic practice allows embodying thoughts about resistance.

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