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My going to study in Rotterdam in 2006 till 2008 confronted me with the
untranslatability of experience. I came from Belgrade bearing the experience of
the nineties and a bit of twothousands, into a city and a country whose public
memory and imagination of the same period was diametrically different.
Distancing myself from the traumatic experiences since the early nineties
proved to only draw me closer to them, to question and re-live them again,
and try to make sense of it all. Doing that seemed very odd for my fellow
researchers and tutors. Perhaps it seemed redundant for such old news.
The shibboleth word that opened this gap was HEMA, which everyone read
as a name of a shop, and habitually I read it in Cyrillic as ”nema” meaning
something that is missing, lacking. The sign where I saw it was in the stockmarket
square (Beurs), and as it happened a month after I permanently
moved back to Belgrade the stock-market crashed only to open an on-going
economical crisis. Amusing, isn’t it?
Inhabiting this inbetweeness became a fascination and from this experience I
produced a body of work that stands on its own.

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