25 points in the gallery where a sound-recorded narrative with sounds
recorded by Boba from different places in Europe is confronted with
different objects and imagery. All this is happening in almost complete
darkness and the audience is aided with battery-lamps. Only two visitors
at a time can listen to the narratives.

2016, Solo exhibition at Remont Gallery, Belgrade

”MIDWINTER DREAM or REFRACTING THE WORLD is a spatial installation – carefully constructed ambiance consisting of darkness and light, sound, text and objects. It is envisioned as a space of contemplation and re-creation. Mirjana Boba Stojadinović is an artist who is continually inspired by the subject of space and all that ”sediments” in it.”
Marija Radoš

The work works in the field of transmitting experiences through subtle interventions in the space of the gallery, but also in the mental space. In unlit environment you are invited to discover what is already there, but also to inscribe your desires and thoughts. Making unusual the experience of the present moment, the work is a conscience gesture to the public vulgarization of the personal experiences. By recognizing the difficult circumstances we live in for anything that is not purely survival, I make the effort to step into the darkness we are surrounded with and in it to glimpse signs of otherness.


IMG_6244 copy

A graphite pencil sharpened on both ends was found on a bench in a park.
A story of Villa Cerrini in Graz on top of Schlossberg says that the owners, a French general, never lived in the house. Reports say sometimes in the house one can hear a party, even though it is impossible (the house is isolated).
Perhaps the ghost of the general came to live in the house after all.
Perhaps the pencil decided to search for a hand that would write with it something brilliant.
(after the exhibition we discovered drawings on the wall)

IMG_6257 copy

These pebbles (the audience could touch and play with everything they found in the gallery) are telling a story of Moon rocks brought from the Apolo mission to the Moon, found and lost, faked and stolen in many corners of the Earth; so much so that the one found in Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam turned out to be fake.

IMG_6139 copy2

Immortality is a belief that the soul, or some other centre of human consciousness, outlives the death and lives again in this or some other world.
Initiational immortality is a passage in a state of overall sub-humanity, where the adept leaves the field of sensuous appearance in order to live in some secret area on the edge of the earth, freed from time and space limits.

IMG_6149 copy

On the mantelpiece there were two porcelan vases, apparently old, white with blue ornaments. The ornaments were strangely blurred. She told me that they have been discovered aboard a ship that was bringing good from China to Holland in early XVII century. As the ship sank, the cold underwater currents and the duration on the bottom of the ocean didn’t break the vases, but did blur the enamel.


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