Artist statement

My work functions at a crossroad of mediums and is rooted in the experience of immediate surroundings. Key agencies incorporate photography, text, sound and light and their sculptural qualities resourcing a spatial installation.

I am interested in working with space and the ways it interacts with creative, social and political frequencies of everyday life. I use the space as means of expression and intervention, often operating with non-gallery environments. Such situation may purport different sensations, situations and reflections, and also bring up questions of a singular being in relation to the (imagined) community, and identity in general. I am interested in the positions of here and there, insid(er) and outside(er), as well as ‘un-belonging’ as way of deterritorialization.

I often work with and for a limited number of audiences, working with the ways an experience can be shared. Denying the self-sufficiency of an artistic act I also wish to confront the visitors with situations for which I refuse to take complete control of, often in a form of participatory projects.






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